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Custom SoHo Server Rack with Ubiquity Unifi

Custom SoHo Server Rack with Ubiquity Unifi

Networking Hardware

I've just updated my SoHo network set-up from:

  • UniFi USG 3P
  • UniFI USW-24-PoE 250 Switch
  • UniFi Cloud Key G2 Plus
  • 2x UniFi AC Pro Access Points
  • 3x UniFi G3 Dome Cameras
  • 1x UniFi G3 Flex Camera

SoHo Server Rack

It's using around 10W less power than the previous configuration and its quieter being passively cooled. I've added a solar powered extraction fan, and a separate powered temperature monitoring module that will active two intake and one exhaust fan if needed.

I'm also running the following rack mounted equipment in there:

I'm running six Raspberry Pis, ranging from an original Model B hosting FlightRadar24, an EmonPi power monitor on a Model 3B, and on the BitScope blade I have a model 4B, model 3B plus, model 3B and a model 2B all running Docker and various containers hosting some applications 24x7 along with being a test bed for testing some simple micro-services prototypes.

Below is a quick demonstration of the UniFi AR feature:

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Raj Patel
Raj Patel | 28 Jan 2021 - 13:19

This is looking really good. I am about to embark on moving my network onto Ubiquiti too... at present, I have non managed multiple switches and 1 Ubiquiti AL-LR PRO. Will upgrade to Dream Machine, 24 port switch and other bits.. interestingly, you also run home assistant. Are you running a ZWave home automation? I have extensive Fibaro modules in my home for controlling most of the items in my home.

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