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Working with a Winning Team

Working with a Winning Team

Team Work

In my career I've always focused on my passion of technology and applied it to everywhere I've worked. I made a choice not to focus on one specific business area, and instead try to gain a broad experience from many diverse businesses. Most of the places that I've worked have generally been a positive experience, with the usual caveats of politics and red-tape.

One place in particular that I enjoyed working was at Mercedes AMG HPP, writing software to support the engineers for the Mercedes F1 Team. What struck me here at Mercedes, was the passion that the entire company showed towards the business itself. Everyone I worked with was dedicated to the cause and loved their job.

What was also great was the fact that the business saw what the I.T. teams brought to the table, making meetings very productive. This allowed us to design and plan our projects well and deliver performant solutions that satisfied the requirements.

The best part though was the win. When Mercedes won a race, it felt like we all had won the race. I actually felt like the software I developed there really had contributed to that win in a small way. It's not often you get to feel your results as a software developer in a way that was as tangible as that. Good times!

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